Brinco piercing de ponta plana de opala de lua de prata esterlina 925 Kosiner

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  • Tipo: Brinco Piercing
  • Material: Prata Esterlina 925
  • Pedra: Zircônia Cúbica
  • Peso: 0,26g
  • Tamanho: 5,0*4,3mm
  • Cor: Ouro/Prata
  • Item: Vendido como 1 peça
  1. Avoid Intense Activities: It's advisable to refrain from wearing your jewelry during activities that involve heavy physical exertion or exposure to harsh elements, such as outdoor adventures or vigorous exercise. These activities can potentially scratch or damage your precious pieces.
  2. Mind Chemical Contact: When practicing self-care routines, be cautious to prevent your jewelry from coming into contact with chemicals such as detergents, soaps, hairspray, cosmetics, or body lotions. These substances can gradually diminish the luster of your jewelry over time.
  3. Remove During Certain Activities: To preserve the longevity of your jewelry, it's best to remove them before engaging in activities like cleaning, bathing, or swimming. The chemicals present in these processes can accelerate the deterioration of your jewelry unnecessarily.
  4. Proper Storage: When your jewelry is not in use, store it in a closed container away from direct sunlight and potential oxidization. This practice ensures that your jewelry remains well-protected and maintains its beauty and sparkle for years to come.
  5. Regular Cleaning: Over time, body oils and residues from skincare products can accumulate on your gems, potentially dulling their brilliance. To keep your jewelry looking its best, gently clean it with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to remove oils, dust, and buildup. Aim to clean your pieces at least once or twice a month for optimal results in maintaining their brightness and brilliance.

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