1 Get Rewarded
Earn points toward Kosinerjewelry to spend with us.

1.1 Earn Points
Create an account: 50 Points
Subscribe for newsletter: 50 Points
Happy birthday: 50 Points
Complete an order: 1 Points earned for each USD spent
Share on Twitter: 50
Share on Facebook: 50
Share on LinkedIn: 50

1.2 Use of Points
Redeem Points: Points can be redeemed into your amount discount code, and the amount discount code can be used to deduct your order values during the payment.
Rate of points to amount: 100 points can be redeemed into a $1 amount discount code, and less than 100 points will not be redeemed.

2 Member Benefits
Earn more points and get higher membership levels.



Level J1

0~999 Points

Level J2

1000~4999 Points

Level J3

5000~49999 Points

Level J4

50000~99999 Points

Level J5

100000~199999 Points

Level J6

200000+  Points

Member Points

Member Discount







Free Sample







Extended Returns




3 days

5 days

7 days





Free Shipping






Member Points: Points can be earned by signing up for membership, email subscriptions, birthdays, completing orders, and social sharing
Member Discount: The higher the membership level, the more discounts you can get.
Free Sample: Award free samples of the appropriate amount according to your member level.
Extended Returns: Members who enter Level J4 or above will have a longer return period.

OEM/ODM: Send us the design and description you want to customize and our sales manager will follow up.
Free Shipping: As long as you are a member of Level J6, you do not need to pay any shipping fees, except the shipping fees for returns.